Projects Done

SL.NO Project Site Consultant / Main Contractor Client
1 Rasalaffan-Excavation for cable laying. L&T Limited. Qatar Petrolium
2 Rsalaffan- Construction of Substation and foundation blocks for electricpost L&T Limited. Qatar Petrolium
3 Meseied- Complete civil works for Qatar acid plant expansion Fernas Fabric Qatar Acid
4 KAHRAMAA Water Projectvarious site in Doha, excavation, pipe laying and backfilling etc. Gulf House of Trade and Contracting. KAHRAMAA
5 Labour city Construction- all civil works Al Ali Contracting. Barwa
6 Umm Al Seneem- Rayyan Residence villa Al mansoor consulting engineering MohdSaad M B Al-Sulaiti
7 Muaither Residence villa Doha Design Centre Engineers- Architect SulthanHamdan s. Al-Muraikhi
8 Dafna 1 Residential Villa Salman Engg SaadFarhan Al Misnad
9 Dafna 2 Residential Villa Salman Engg Abdullah Sayeed Al Kuwaisi
10 Al Khor 1 Residential Villa Salman Engg