Quality Policy

The Directors and Senior Management of Al-Shafey Trading & Contracting Co.are committed to ensure the Company Objectives are meet and providing our Clients with the comfort and satisfaction of achieving and exceeding theirrequirements and expectations. This will be achieved by adopting a progressively improving Company Quality ManagementSystem. The Quality Management System will also serve to strengthen Company results, advance employees ability and satisfaction, and provide an open approach to overall improvement. The Al-Shafey Trading & Contracting will always take any reasonable measures to ensure the quality of its workmanship and products used. All employees and sub-contractors have a moral duty not only to work in a safe manner but also to cooperate in efforts made to create the highest standards of workmanship. Any sub-standard equipment or environment would be reported without delay to head office. Al-Shafey Trading & Contracting Co. Managers and employees are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of quality throughout the operations of the company. All employees are updated on Quality issues through courses, seminars and in house training on regular basis.