Safety Policy

Al-Shafey Trading &Contracting Safety Program is dedicated to an injury free workplace. This is accomplished by taking a proactive approach to ensure a safe work environment. Our personnel participate in the safety program to
enforce secure work environment and a working knowledge of the hazards they may face in the workplace. We continually review and audit our program so that it stays current with new practices in an ever evolving industry.
Al-Shafey Trading &Contracting stress communication in the field between management and trades so that all hazards are identified and dealt with before work begins and continually as work progresses. Al-Shafey Trading &Contracting ensure that all requirements are met for a safe workplace. Working closely with our customer, site requirements are communicated effectively to all levels of the project. Al-Shafey Trading &Contracting has a zero tolerance for unsafe work activitieson all of our projects and works diligently to maintain a safe work environmentfor everyone.